Frequently Asked Questions

The WOWPOS team are here to provide our loyal customer base support. The WOWPOS FAQ page should cover answers to most relevant topics. However, if there are still questions which are unanswered, the WOWPOS team are happy to help. We await your presence to bring you the supreme WOWPOS bundle.


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How much does it cost, I am on a budget?

At an unbeatable WOW price we offer: a 15” touchscreen till system, Thermal receipt printer and the WOWPOS software tailored to your business requirements with NO monthly license fees. Not to forget we also provide Free lifetime support, Free online installation and Free delivery. All for just £999.00, providing you with the leading WOWPOS bundle. We also offer a finance package which is only £99 per month.

I’m not a technical person, how do I get help on the set-up?

That’s not a problem at all, in which is why we provide revolutionary hardware and software, making it a user-friendly system to set up. WOWPOS will also provide you with all the necessary tutorials to also watch in your own time. You will be up and running your business within hours. The support team are able to upload business specifics or alternatively we will guide our customers step by step on how to do so. Free life time support, were always here to serve our customers.

How many devices can I get working?

Our leading WOWPOS software is scalable: 1-100 systems. We do not like to put a limit as we strive on reaching higher levels and we assure you our system is future proof as we have designed our systems to support every stage of growth.

Can I see data on the move?

The intelligent WOWPOS system, can grant access to real-time sales summery reports and business alerts to your mobile allowing you to control your business anytime and anywhere via the cloud. Real time business alerts will help you to keep a close tab on transaction voids and any possible abuse of the system.

I do not have a good internet connection on my premises, is that fine?

The WOWPOS system simply relies on your business success. The system is able to work offline which increases the security of your data and is entirely in your control. In terms of support we can provide you with remote back up alternatively we could set up the cloud solution for you. It is your choice.

Is my data secure?

We take the security and ownership of your business data seriously. All business data is securely stored in your WOWPOS system ensuring data is not hosted to cloud or shared with any third parties.

What support do I get?

The WOWPOS team offer support, from our UK support team. We also offer free on-site installation and remote installation. We are here providing you with 24/7 support, assisting our growing customer base at an instance.

What integrations can I get?

We have the capability to integrate the WOWPOS system with most features; most popular being the accounts software: Sage and either an already existing or a new e-commerce website. The WOWPOS software already provides extensive features and we are still able to tailor your business needs.

Is WOWPOS software compatible with the hardware I already have?

Of course it is. Our WOWPOS software is compatible on any windows running hardware. But for such a WOW price why not get the bundle with state of the art hardware. Robust and future proof.

I would like to see WOWPOS system in use, can I visit a showroom?

TheWOWPOS team are awaiting your presence. Ring us. Book an appointment and come use the system and feel the power it emits. Call us on: 08000336888 Our address is:Unit 2 York House, Langston Road, Loughton, IG10 3TQ

I need to upgrade to the WOWPOS system, I just do not know where to start?

Talk to us on 08000336888 and we will get you to join the forever growing WOWPOS team. We await. Also check out the resources on blog, social media and familiarise the supremacy we bring to retail and hospitality and retail businesses.

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