Custom Modules

Each module can enhance your
system to give you a feature rich EPOS.

A4 Invoicing

Provide the business with an A4 invoice to ensure the customer that they are being charged the correct price. You have control of the information that you want to display to the customer. Gives the customer evidence of what they have bought from you. Is your Customer VAT registered? Show them the money they can claim back. Meet all of your customer’s needs by allowing them to modify their receipt and customise the receipt by adding your company logo.





*Shows customer what they are being charged for

*Control of what information you display to customer

*Ensures price is correct

*Allows VAT registered companies to claim back VAT

*Customer can make changes to receipt

Newspaper Module

Need to deliver papers to your staff? Provide your staff with lists with the customers who need papers. Meet your customer’s needs by allowing your customers to choose the papers that they want delivered.Customers can choose the day and time they want their papers delivered. Satisfy your customer’s needs by bringing the papers to their doorsteps. Charge your customers in advance for their papers e.g. weekly payments





*Staff know which customers have deliveries placed

*Allows customer to choose the paper that they want

*Allows customer to choose time and day of deliveries

*Deliver the papers to your customer’s house

*Charge customers for their papers in advance

Delivery Module

Want to know where your deliveries are? Keep track of your deliveries. Find out where your delivery driver is. Plan ahead by finding out when the delivery will arrive. Keep your customers updated with the status of the delivery. Search your customer’s address so that your driver can print instructions to find the destination.





*Keep track of deliveries

*Locate Delivery driver

*Keep Customers updated

*Look up Customer’s address

Loyalty Card Module

Keep your customers coming back by providing your customers with personalised loyalty cards. Allow your customers to rack up points by swiping their loyalty card every time they purchase an item. Set a target number of transactions for the customers to reach so they receive a reward. Offer discounts for any customers who display their loyalty card. Gain customer information for future advertising campaigns by requiring them to sign up for their loyalty card.





*Personalised Loyalty Cards

*Record Transactions by swiping loyalty card

*Set target number visits for customer to be eligible for reward

*Offer discounts for customers who display loyalty card

*Receive customer information

Expiry Date Module

Keep your products fresh by recording the expiry dates of your products. Reduce your waste by managing your stock so that the older products are sold first. Reduce risk of selling out of date products by being notified when products need to be binned.





*Record expiry dates of products

*Reduce wastage by selling products with the earliest expiry dates first

*Notifies owner that products need to be binned.


Free up memory by being able to remove previous transactions. Don’t worry, you do not have to delete every transaction separately, you can select groups of transactions to delete at the same time. Do you need to find a particular transaction? Search for transactions based on the day they were processed. Train your staff without affecting your records.





*Free Space

*Remove Transactions in groups

*Remove specific Transactions

*Training purposes

Lottery Buttons

Has your customer been lucky and won money? Customers can claim rewards from scratch cards or lottery tickets. You will be able to reward your customer securely and conveniently.





*Customers can claim rewards from scratch cards or lottery tickets

*Able to pay out winnings securely and conveniently

Language Changes

Make your business multi-lingual. Change the language on your till to suit your employee’s needs. Produce receipts in customer’s preferred language. Show your deals off in all languages by translating product names on labels.





*Change language on till

*Change language on receipt

*Change language on labels

Currency Module

Do you have customers from all over the world? Never reject a sale by accepting a wide range of currencies including euros and dollars. Don’t know the exchange rate? Your EPOS will do all of the converting for you so that you charge your customers the correct price. Let your customers know how many euros they will have to spend by being able to display the price of a product in different currencies.





*Able to accept wide range of currencies

*EPOS will convert the currencies automatically

*Able to display prices in different currencies