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Why your restaurant needs technology

During the recent years, technology has become a dominant factor in the restaurant industry and has a substantial impact on restaurants all over the world. The introduction of technology in the restaurant industry has caused many restaurants to use technology in their restaurant in order to improve their customer service and to provide their customers with a better experience. As a restaurateur, it is important to realise that in order for your restaurant to remain competitive, you will have to introduce technology into your restaurant. As the years go on, you will struggle to satisfy your customer’s needs and wants without technology as their needs will also change.

Why your restaurant needs technology

Customers are open to the introduction of technology

As a restaurateur, you may be concerned about whether your customers will like the introduction of technology into your restaurant. However, there is nothing to worry about as 76% of customers stated that they believe technology has the potential to improve restaurants. This shows that customers will determine where they eat depending on the level of technology that is available to them. During the modern day, customers’ needs and expectations are changing. This means that your restaurant should invest into technology in order to satisfy your customer’s needs and provide them with a better customer experience. Remember, if you provide your customers with a better customer experience, your customers are more likely to become loyal and repeat purchase.

Mobile Apps can speed up your restaurant’s service

Customers will heavily demand a quick service when they eat at your restaurant. This means that if you left your customers waiting for a long time, it will lead to them becoming frustrated and leaving your restaurant. If there are long queues in your restaurant, it will deter customers away from your restaurant which will limit the number of customers that you receive. However, the use of mobile apps will enable you to reduce your customer’s waiting times. This is because mobile apps will allow customers to order their meal directly from the app which means that they will not have to wait for a member of staff to serve them. This will satisfy your customer’s needs as they will be able to order meals as soon as they enter your restaurant which will encourage them to become loyal and regularly visit your restaurant. Do you take reservations? Many customers will get frustrated and leave your restaurant if they have to wait a long time for a table. However, a mobile app will enable customers to book tables at any time which is convenient for them. This will attract customers to your restaurant as they will not have to wait a long time to be seated. This proves that a mobile app will be crucial to the success of your restaurant.

Keep your customers up to date

During the recent years, customers are more interested in the meals that they are consuming and will seek more information about their meals. This will lead to customers asking more questions to your staff about your meals and their nutritional information. As a restaurateur, it is recommended for you to invest in mobile tablets for your staff as this will allow them to access all of the information they need in order to answer the customer’s question. If you are able to answer all of your customer’s questions, it will allow you to upsell the more expensive products as they will be more likely to try something new. This shows that technology will enable your customers to make informed decisions which can increase the sales of your restaurant.

Better understanding of your customers

When you introduce technology into your restaurant, it will allow you to collect a wider range of information about your customers and your customer’s buying patterns. For example, if you enable your customers to order online or through a mobile app, you will be able to see which products are the most popular and which products are commonly bought together. This will allow you to provide your customers with offers on the most popular products which will encourage customers to visit your restaurant as they will not want to miss out on the deals. This proves that technology will give you the information that you need to increase the sales and performance of your restaurant. Due to the increased popularity of the internet, many restaurants have allowed their customers to post reviews online. This will allow you to see what your customers think of your restaurant and will enable you to identify which areas of your restaurant needs to improve.

The social experience is key

Even though technology is key to the success of your restaurant, it is important that you do not forget about the social experience in your restaurant. Without the interaction between the staff and the guests, your restaurant will struggle to attract customers. When customers eat out at a restaurant, they will be seeking for an experience which is enjoyable and interactive. If you only focused on technology, you would be unable to provide your customers with this experience which would prevent you from satisfying the customer’s needs. In order to lure potential customers into your restaurant, you should use technology to compliment the skills of your employees.

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