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Why WOWPOS is the perfect point of sale system

Do you have a point of sale system? As a business owner, you may be mistaken and think that all a point of sale system can do is process transactions. However, when you purchase an EPOS system from WOWPOS, you will be able to manage your whole business directly through your point of sale system. Here are a few of the features which make our system the perfect companion for your business.

Easy to Use

Is your point of sale system confusing to use? As a business owner, your biggest nightmare will be having an EPOS system which is difficult to navigate. Remember, if your staff cannot navigate your EPOS system easily and quickly, you will limit the quality of the customer service that you offer. This shows that a complex point of sale system can prevent you from satisfying your customer’s needs. When you purchase from WOWPOS, you will be provided with a simple till interface which will be easy for your employees to navigate. Due to the simple till interface, you will be able to train your employees on how to use your system within a matter of minutes. This will allow your employees to provide your customers with a better experience. Do you have a wide range of products? WOWPOS provides you with categorised menus so that your employees can find the product they need quickly. This will increase the speed of your service which will reduce the waiting times of your customers.

Plug and Play

Do you know how to set up your point of sale system? As a business owner, the last thing you will want to receive is an EPOS system which requires time consuming installations and complex configurations. Remember, some EPOS systems will require a technician to install it which will incur an extra cost for your business. WOWPOS has ensured that your EPOS system will be ready to serve customers straight out of the box by designing it to be plug and play. All you will have to do is plug your EPOS system into a power source and your till will be ready to use.

Standalone System

Do you have a poor internet connection? Due to the rise in technology, many point of sale systems have been designed to be cloud based. However, this will mean that the EPOS system will rely on the internet to work. If your internet connection is poor or goes down, you will be unable to use your EPOS system to serve customers which will lead to customers becoming frustrated and leaving your store. Don’t let a poor internet connection limit your sales! A poor internet connection is no match for WOWPOS as our EPOS systems have been designed as standalone systems. This means your system will be able to work offline and will not rely on the internet in order to serve customers. WOWPOS ensures that you never have to reject a sale!

Stock Control

Tired of manually counting your stock? WOWPOS removes the laborious task of manually counting your stock by providing you with an automated stock feature. As soon as a product is sold, the product will be automatically subtracted from your stock number. Once the day is over, your stock count will be ready for you. This will save you a lot of time as a business owner and will give you extra time to focus on your other responsibilities. Do you regularly check your stock levels? As a business owner, you will not have the time to regularly check your stock. However, there is no need to worry as WOWPOS does this for you! When your stock reaches the minimum level, an order will automatically be emailed to your supplier. WOWPOS ensures you always have sufficient stock to put a smile on your customer’s face.

Customer Loyalty

Do you give your customers a reason to visit your business again? As a small business, you will struggle to attract new customers to your store. This means that in order to survive, you will solely depend on the repeat purchases of your loyal customers. However, if you do not reward your customers, they will not return to your business. WOWPOS will encourage customers to become loyal by creating individual accounts for your customers. You will have the opportunity to reward your regular customers by assigning discounts and credit to their accounts. Are one of your products struggling? Boost the sales of your struggling products by creating promotions for individual products. When does your business become busy? Take advantage of your peak periods by setting promotions for a specified period of time. Need to modify your prices? You can change your prices with the tap of a button. As soon as your prices change, your employees will be notified of the changes.

WOWPOS will help you climb the ladder of success!


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