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Why WOWPOS is perfect for your Takeaway

Do you own a takeaway restaurant? At WOWPOS, we understand that managing a takeaway can be a very stressful and difficult task. However, WOWPOS provides you with a wide range of features which will ensure that you can run your takeaway restaurant efficiently.

Why WOWPOS is perfect for your Takeaway

Fast Processing Speeds

Do you have a slow till? As a takeaway owner, it is crucial for you to provide all of your customers with a fast and convenient service. This is because customers will expect to be served quickly in a takeaway restaurant and will not want to wait for a long time to receive their meals. At WOWPOS, we have designed our EPOS systems to have fast processing speeds. This means that you will be able to process transactions and print receipts at a faster rate. This will allow you to serve customers quicker which will reduce the waiting times of customers. The fast processing speeds will enable you to send your orders instantly to the kitchen which will ensure that meals are prepared quickly. This shows that WOWPOS will keep your customers loyal by reducing the lengths of your queues.

Stock Management

As a takeaway, you will offer a wide range of products to your meals. This means that if you count your stock manually, it will take up a lot of your time everyday which will prevent you from completing your daily responsibilities. However, WOWPOS will save you a lot of time by counting your stock for you. When you process a transaction, the product will automatically be subtracted from your stock number. WOWPOS ensures that you never have to count your stock again! Do you run out of stock regularly? As a takeaway owner, one of your biggest nightmares will be to run out of stock. As the owner of a business, you will not have the time to regularly check your stock levels. When your stock reaches its minimum level, an order will automatically be emailed to your suppliers. This will ensure that you always have sufficient stock to satisfy your customer’s needs. WOWPOS will ensure that your customers never go hungry.

E-commerce Integration

Do you have an online website? If you do not have an online website, you will be significantly reducing the sales of your takeaway as not all customers will not want to visit your establishment to place an order. A website will be crucial to the success of your takeaway as it will enable customers to order their food conveniently and quickly. WOWPOS gives you the opportunity to integrate your online website with your EPOS system. Are you worried about managing your online orders? WOWPOS ensures that you never miss an order by allowing you to manage all of your orders directly from your EPOS system. WOWPOS offers E-commerce integration so that you can feed a larger number of mouthes.


Do you offer a delivery service? WOWPOS has partnered up with Orderlord so that you can provide your customers with a reliable and fast delivery service. Orderlord will enable you to manage your deliveries and track orders directly from your till to ensure that your customers are never kept waiting. Orderlord will give you a deeper control over your delivery service to ensure that your customers are always smiling. Boost your customer retention and the number of frequent orders that you receive with the help of Orderlord!

Customer Loyalty

Do you give your customers a reason to come back? As the owner of a small takeaway, it is vital to understand how important loyal customers and repeat purchases will be in order for your takeaway to succeed.  During the first year, your takeaway will heavily depend on loyal customers and frequent orders to generate a sufficient profit. WOWPOS gives you the opportunity to reward your loyal customers by assigning discounts to specific customers. Are your kebabs selling slow? Boost the sales of your struggling products by creating promotions for individual products. Want to increase your sales on a Friday night? Create promotions for a specified period of time. WOWPOS gives your customers a reason to return!

Employee Management

As a takeaway owner, it is important to realise that your takeaway will be a fast paced and busy environment. This means that you will need employees who are fulfilling their job roles professionally. WOWPOS ensures that your employees are fulfilling their job roles by creating an individual account for each employee to use on the till. This will enable you to monitor the sales of an individual employee which will ensure that they are upselling and meeting their sales target. WOWPOS gives your sales the opportunity to grow. Do you have employees who turn up late? As a takeaway owner, it is important to understand that if your employees turn up late, your restaurant will be understaffed. This will have significant consequences as you will be unable to serve your customers. WOWPOS ensures that you are never understaffed by allowing you to integrate a clock in system. A clock in system will record the times when your employees arrive at work and leave work. This will ensure that your employees are working the hours they are supposed to. Remember, without reliable employees, you will struggle to feed your customers.

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