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Why choose us?

When you are looking for an EPOS system, there will be a wide range of EPOS systems available to you. However, it is important that you do research about the EPOS system and the EPOS provider as this will ensure that you choose the EPOS system which is most suitable for you. As one of the UK’s leading EPOS providers, WOWPOS will give you the features and services you need to run your business efficiently and offer a high level of customer service. Here are a few of the reasons why you should choose WOWPOS.

Our functions are built in

Many EPOS providers offer third party integrations that can be installed onto the EPOS system. However, many of these third-party applications will require you to enter a contract with the provider and will incur substantial costs for your business. We have designed WOWPOS to have built-in programmes which provides your business with all of the functions you will need, for no extra cost. WOWPOS provides you with a complete package which will enable you to increase the efficiency of your business and increase the quality of your customer service. When you buy from WOWPOS, you will not need to install third party applications in order to offer loyalty schemes or manage your inventory.

No Annual Licence Fees

If you read the terms and conditions of many EPOS providers, you will see that you will be charged annually for the usage of their software. This will increase the costs of your business as you will be incurring charges for using your system. If you do not pay the annual licence fee, you will lose access to your software which will prevent you from serving customers. However, when you choose WOWPOS, you will never be charged for the usage of our software. Once you have paid for your system, you will not have to renew your licence regardless of how long you have been using our EPOS system. This will reduce your costs and will allow you to earn money instead of spending it.


If you choose a cloud based system, the system may rely on the internet to work. This means that if your system isn’t connected to the internet, you will be unable to operate your EPOS system. This will cause your business an inconvenience as you will be unable to serve your customers. However, WOWPOS has designed their systems to be standalone. This means if your internet connection is poor or offline, you will be able to use your EPOS system. This will ensure that you are always able to serve customers which will boost the sales of your business.

Wide range of resources

Do you want to learn more about your industry? When you purchase from WOWPOS, you will be able to access a wide range of resources. We post daily articles on our blog which will give you guidance on how to deal with certain issues regarding your industry. This shows that WOWPOS gives you the opportunity to become a better business owner. As a WOWPOS customer, you will have the opportunity to download our detailed guides which gives you all the information you need about your industry. Need help setting up your system? Visit our Youtube page to access a range of training videos which will get your system up and running in no time!

Easy to set up

A significant number of EPOS systems will require time consuming installations and complex configurations in order to be set up. This will lead to you finding it difficult to set up your EPOS system and may lead to you hiring a professional to set it up. This will incur a significant cost. However, WOWPOS enables you to use your system straightaway by designing it to be plug and play. This means that as soon as you plug your system into a power source, you will be able to use your EPOS system. WOWPOS allows you to serve customers straight out of the box!

WOWPOS is perfect for you.


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