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Why aren’t customers coming back to my restaurant?

Do you struggle to generate regular customers? If your customers aren’t returning to your restaurant, there must be a reason why they are not coming back to your restaurant. As a restaurateur, it is important for you to identify why your customers are not returning. If you do not know why your customers aren’t returning, you will struggle to succeed.

Why aren’t customers coming back to my restaurant?

Poor Customer Service

Due to the wide range of restaurants available, customers will not tolerate poor customer service. If you offer a low quality of customer service, customers will leave and will not come back to your restaurant. Poor customer service can be caused by your employees being rude to customers or your customers having to wait a long time for their food. In order to improve your customer service, you should reduce your waiting times by hiring more staff. This will ensure that a member of staff is always available to serve a waiting customer. It is recommended for you to train your staff so that they are able to serve customers politely and effectively. This shows that good customer service will be crucial in order to receive repeat visits from customers.

Poor quality of food

When a customer visits your restaurant, they will expect the food to be of a certain quality. Depending on the type of your restaurant and your prices, your customers will have different expectations regarding the quality of your food. However, regardless of your prices or type of restaurant, customers will expect the food to be prepared in a hygienic manner. They will also expect the food to arrive at their table hot. If your food is unhygienic, your customers will leave your restaurant and will avoid your establishment in the future. It is recommended that you ensure that your chefs are sufficiently trained so that they can prepare food in a hygienic manner and will know how to store food correctly. If your customer receives a meal which is cold, the quality of the meal will significantly decrease which will lead to your customer’s needs not being met. This shows that poor quality meals will prevent you from receiving repeat visitors.

Lack of Choice

Do you provide your customers with a wide range of meals? As a restaurateur, it is crucial for you to cater for all of your customer’s needs. It is recommended for you to offer healthy options, organic options and gluten free options. This will give your customers a choice of meals and will ensure that you cater for a range of different dietary requirements. If you do not offer a wide range of options to your customers, you will struggle to satisfy their needs which will lead to them not coming back to your restaurant.

Unclean Environment

As a restaurateur, it is vital that you keep your establishment clean. If your restaurant is dirty, the customers will think that the food will be unhygienic which will lead to them avoiding your restaurant. If your restaurant is dirty, you will have a low rate of customer retention. The lack of cleanliness in restaurants will have a long-lasting effect on your customers. As a restaurateur, it is crucial that you clean unsanitary bathrooms, dirty kitchens and tables immediately. If there is food under the table or bad smells, you should ensure that these are removed before they deter customers away from your restaurant. The cleanliness of your restaurant is key to the retention of your customers.


Is your customer service and quality of food consistent? As a restaurateur, it is crucial that the quality of your food and service is always at a high level. This is because customers will have certain expectations of your restaurant after they have had a good experience when eating at your restaurant. This means that if your customers visit your restaurant again and their meal is cold or the service is bad, you will not meet their expectations. This will lead to your customers leaving your restaurant and never coming back. Regardless of how enjoyable their previous experiences were, a customer will not return to your restaurant after an unsatisfactory experience.

Bad Reputation

If a customer has a bad experience at your restaurant, they will tell their friends and family which will discourage them from visiting your restaurant. This shows that you will lose more than one customer if you do not satisfy your customer’s needs.Negative word of mouth will give your restaurant a bad reputation which will lead to customers avoiding your restaurant. Even if a customer has had a good experience in your restaurant, they may not return if they have heard bad reviews.

Lack of Incentives

Do you reward your customers? In order to lure customers back to your restaurant, it is important to give them a reason to return. As a restaurateur, it is strongly advised to provide your customers with a loyalty scheme. A loyalty scheme will encourage them to repeat purchase as they will want the reward that you are offering. Once you have gained the loyalty of a customer, you should reward their loyalty with complimentary items or discounted prices. This will show the customer that they are valued and will encourage them to regularly visit your restaurant. If you do not offer incentives, your customers will not return to your restaurant.

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