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What’s been happening your industry this week? Volume 11

Are you prepared for Valentine’s Day? The day of love is just round the corner so it is time for you to add a bit of romance into your business. Even though January is finally over, we understand that the hard work doesn’t stop there. Have you got responsibilities to fulfil during the week? WOWPOS provides you with a brief summary of this week’s biggest news in your industry. Regardless of how busy you are, WOWPOS ensures you never miss out on the news.

What’s been happening your industry this week? Volume 11


Have your prices decreased?  The price of an average grocery basket has decreased by 3% during January. Statistics show that this has been caused by the decrease in price for fresh produce as the price of apples has decreased by 15%, price of grapes decreased by 11% and the price of bananas has decreased by 9%. The price of a basket containing 35 common items has decreased from £83.33 to £82.27. The decrease of prices suggests that a weakened pound and political uncertainty has not affected the prices of products. The decrease in prices will help your store have a strong start in 2017 as customers will be encouraged to buy more products in your store.

Did you receive a higher traffic of walk-in customers during January? Retailers had a strong start to 2017 as footfall began to recover. Footfall decreased by 1.4% compared to January 2016. However, this is a significant improvement from December as footfall dropped by 9.3% compared to December 2015. This suggests that a higher number of consumers are visiting physical stores instead of shopping online. Footfall increased for the first time since October 2016 as store footfall increased by 1.2% in the first week of January. The substantial number of New Year promotions has aided the retail sector in recovering from a disappointing 2016. Will 2017 be a good year for your retailer?

Is your online store mobile friendly? Smartphone shopping is expected to triple its value to £43 million by 2021. This will lead to smart phone shopping generating 66% of all transactions in 2021. This suggests that if you do not provide your customers with a mobile friendly website, you will severely struggle to generate sales. Statistics show that the UK is struggling to keep up with the trend of smart phone shopping as UK websites load up to 25% slower than US websites. Data from Google has proved that a fast loading speed on your website is crucial as a one second reduction in loading time can improve conversion rates by 25%. Without a fast loading speed on your website, you will significantly reduce your revenue. By 2020, mobile shopping will have a dominant influence in the retail sector.




Do you display your hygiene rating in your restaurant? 43,000 hospitality businesses will be affected when the government introduce a law which will make it mandatory for places that serve food to display their food hygiene rating. This could have a negative effect on restaurants as 44% of consumers stated that they wouldn’t eat at a restaurant who scored three or less in their food hygiene rating. This shows that if you have a low hygiene rating, the number of sales you receive will be dramatically reduced.  This shows that there is an increased pressure on restaurants to improve their food hygiene. 82% of English hospitality businesses already have a rating of 4 or 5 in their food hygiene. Without a high food hygiene rating, restaurants will struggle to compete with their competition. What is your food hygiene rating?

Do you serve organic meals? Restaurants have the opportunity to promote their use of organic produce as an organic award scheme has been introduced. The Soil Association have launched their Organic Served Here” recognition scheme for restaurants situated in the UK. If at least 15% of your ingredients are sourced from organic suppliers, you will be awarded between one to five stars. The award scheme allows customers to identify which restaurants use produce from farms which have high environmental and animal welfare standards. The award scheme will give restaurants the opportunity to boost their sales as customers will want to eat at restaurants who use organic ingredients. The demand for organic products is high in the UK as the UK’s organic market is worth nearly £2 billion and sales of organic products increased by 4.9% in 2016. In order to sign up for the award scheme, you will be charged £395+VAT. Should your restaurant get involved with the award scheme?

Do you provide customers with Wi-Fi in your restaurant? If you provide customers with free Wi-Fi in your restaurant, you will be able to gain valuable information about your customer’s preferences and buying behaviour. You will be able to collect your customer’s insights as they  will log into your Wi-Fi using a social media platform. You will be able to identify their age, gender, where they live, email, telephone number and their interests. You will also be able to monitor the frequency of their visits and how long they stay in your restaurant. 80% of customers stated they think that being able to use Wi-Fi in a restaurant improves the customer’s experience. However, providing your customers with Wi-Fi can also give you the tools to significantly improve your marketing.  You will have the opportunity to adapt your promotions to your target audience’s needs and wants. The cost of guest Wi-Fi can be significant but is a worthy investment for restaurants as you will be able to lure in an increased number of customers through your improved marketing strategies.

Are you showing your customers love this Valentine’s Day?

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