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What customers want? Find out with the help of your EPOS system for restaurant

The modern day point of sale system is sophisticated yet robust that takes care of every single need of your restaurant management. When customers choose to visit a restaurant, they are looking for a memorable gastronomical experience. The experience will depend on the quality, freshness, taste of food, staff courtesy and prompt service, ambiance and hygiene level. There are also some other parameters, but these have more impact on customer’s choice.

What customers want? Find out with the help of your EPOS system for restaurant
With the help of EPOS system for restaurants it combines the speed, ease of use and efficiency that allows your staff to focus on what really matters for customer satisfaction. This will help you to have an overview about the customer’s preferences on what they are expecting about the dinning.

Table layout, can merge and move orders and also tables

Layouts, merge or split tables so that mangers at a glance can see the restaurant with ease and without having to investigate each table. It also helps your chefs and waiters to determine which tables need to served. To merge and move tables and orders, but that process is cumbersome. You may need to void an entire order or need to reenter it. An additional issue of duplicate kitchen receipts being printed? But our systems merge and move tables with no fuss.

Meal modifiers and up-selling prompts

Some customers request to add for extra toppings, lunch toppings. It’s easy to free text request instantly. Never miss the chance of up-selling of orders with the up sell prompt. If you order an item at waiter’s tablet then it will prompt you to ask the customer to choose another item that they may also want. It can also be used for allergen prompts which ensure to serve the potentially hazardous item to the customer.

Can hold an item to print later and discounting

You can put in an entire order and choose only selected items to print. The remaining items are printed when the guests are ready, this prevents the manual intervene and give instructions to customers in the kitchen. Discount orders with audit trail and know who assigned the discount and customize staff permissions and allow each staff group their own level of discounts which can be over hidden by manager.

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