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Transform your Delivery into a reliable service customers will love

WOWPOS has partnered up with Orderlord to help your business improve their delivery service so that all of your customers have a smile on their face. WOWPOS understands the importance of customer retention by allowing your business to reduce the number of late orders. Keep your customers ordering by offering a consistent delivery service which will increase the number of frequent orders your business receives.

Transform your Delivery into a reliable service customers will love

What is Orderlord?

Orderlord is a solution which will enable your business to manage their deliveries and track orders and their drivers. Orderlord helps businesses to gain a deeper control over their delivery service. Orderlord will improve the reliability of your delivery service and will boost your customer service by making sure that all orders are on time. Orderlord’s efficient process allows your business to boost sales while reducing costs.

How does it work?

  1. Orders in one place

Orderlord ensures that you never miss an order by showing all of your incoming orders in one location. Do you have orders placed online? The dashboard will enable you access to all of the orders placed from all sources.  This gives you full control over your orders and will increase the speed of delivery by ensuring all orders are sent out.


  1. Plan and Dispatch

Orderlord gives you the ability to keep your costs to a minimum by enabling you to plan your deliveries according to location, delivery time and driver availability. Keep your petrol costs low by delivering orders which are located near each other using the same vehicle. Keep your customers smiling by ensuring that you meet delivery dates by planning when orders are dispatched. Deal with the demand of frequent orders by ensuring that drivers are always available.


  1. Track and Update

Track the progress of all of your deliveries as Orderlord provides you with a real-time overview so you can ensure that your deliveries reach their destination on time. Boost your customer satisfaction by sending automated messages to customers enabling them to know about the status of their delivery.


  1. Analyse and Improve

Maximise your delivery service’s potential by using Orderlord’s analytics to identify new opportunities so that you can take your customer service to the next level. Keep your delivery service running smooth by identifying any issues that could affect the quality of your deliveries.


Game Changing Features



Deliveries turning up late? Orderlord makes this problem disappear by providing you with a dashboard that will enable you to view all of your orders from any source, instore and website. This gives you the chance to ensure that all orders are dispatched as soon as they are ready. Increase the quality of your delivery service by using all of the data in the dashboard to make effective decisions in routing and dispatching. The dashboard feature gives you the ability to find the best delivery routes and enables your drivers to avoid any delays. Ensure your orders are delivered on time by being updated with progress reports.


Delivery Driver App

Keep your delivery drivers up to date by enabling them to access all of the information they need about the orders conveniently through an app on their phone. This enables your delivery driver to be notified about any special requirements the customers have. The app will enable your drivers to always be on time by providing them with the fastest route to their destination. The app will enable your drivers to contact customers without retyping their number and will allow them to notify the customer if they are running late with a click of a button. Give your customers service with a smile.


Order Tracker

Enable your customers to keep informed about their delivery by sending them a message with a link which will allow them to follow the progress of their order. This enables customers to know when their order is going to arrive which will enable them to manage their expectations and time while they are waiting on the order. Customers will be informed automatically about any changes in their order or the delivery time which will save you time as you will not have to contact the customer yourself.


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