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Role of DATA, how useful in epos for restaurant?

How do, restaurants utilize DATA and why should they? But firstly one should know about what is DATA? DATA is classified into two types, structured data and unstructured data. These two different types of data provide answers to different questions. It helps the way businesses sell products and services, understand customers and optimize marketing campaigns.

Structured data plays a major role in information which every restaurant collects. It generally includes daily item sales, labor costs and financial reports from your restaurant epos system. Structured data gives an idea about what has been used to operate our restaurant. Unstructured data gives us information that comes from many sources, in and out of the restaurant. These include information such as weather, date, day of a week, time of day in addition to other sources such as employee feedback, customer feedback and other third party reviews. It helps us answer important questions such as sales up or down due to factors like weather, special event, special holiday, poor customer service or quality of food. Quality of food due to poor scheduling or was due to too high or too low of labor? Out of stock menu item.

Once when you combine these two data together, you can have a clear idea. Can find out individual performance of employee, Labor forecasting, Campaign performance, Menu item pricing, Adding or removing of menu items can be done through which you can improve your sales and profits.

Having a customer database you can know the feedback and can improvise those areas. You can create a list of loyal customers and promote offers, loyalty programs to those customers. With those promotions you can have repetition of customers, which improves your sales. You can also track the status of stocks that are used in the kitchen. Know most consumed and least consumed items and place the order according to need. This helps you to maintain your stock levels and also wastage of stocks is reduced. So, data plays an important role in epos systems that are used in restaurants.

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