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Role and working of an EPOS system

Saving money, increasing productivity and sales are the key factors of modern era of business. Every business person looking for most cost effective way to run their business. The EPOS system plays a vital role to play. It is a combination of reliability and efficiency which made it more popular for business. EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale. It is an electronic way of letting people pay for goods or services. It has a variety of uses in day to day business dealings.

Role and working of an EPOS system

The EPOS system comprises of computer hardware, peripherals and software assembled together in order to serve the business purpose completely. Data can be entered through various devices such as touch screen monitors, keyboards and barcode scanners. It helps retailer in choosing specific peripherals for their business. It is designed to work in tandem with price accuracy pushing the staff to work quickly. It is designed to work in different environments. It can also be used for recording sales, updating stock levels, staff management, provide accurate pricing, fast and efficient customer service, keeping record over track of sales etc.

There other benefits of EPOS system are maintaining stock levels, staff management regarding their working hours and wages to be paid, create a database of customers. The most important aspect is that it is designed in such a way that it can be tailored according to any individual and specific business needs. There are two types of EPOS systems available, one is cloud based and the other is non cloud. In the cloud based system you can access it from anywhere with the help of internet. Automatic tracking of inventory and prevent low stock levels with auto replenishment.

Real time reports can be generated which helps in analyzing of best and weak points. You can track best and least selling items. It reduces the wastage of stock. A customer database can also be created and maintained. By the customer database you can find your loyal customers and can promote loyalty programmes if any. Can also promote offers to your customers. Track the status of employees, performance and sales done by individual staff members. Can generate reports at any point of time on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

The other feature is to have one till system or may have multiple till systems located at different locations. You can have the total report of all the tills connected to your device. You can create or modify list of items at any point of time with a single click. All the tills are connected to your system and you can have the total control over all the tills. This can be done with the help of back office which is installed on your system. Permissions can be set to various levels of employees based on their roles and responsibilities.

EPOS systems are provided by various suppliers. We WOWPOS are the leading providers with an award winning software. The complete solution with free delivery and set up is offered at an affordable price Compatible on various platforms by keeping your provided hardware. Our promising 24/7 support helps our customers to solve the issues.

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