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Retail store footfall still matter?

The rise of e-commerce was heralded as the physical store killer in the brick and mortar retail business. The retail store however stayed strong with streets still bustling with customers. Shopping centers looked like a hub for consumer activity. This does not mean that e-commerce did not have an impact on physical store. In fact for the last five years, the average retail footfall has been down consistently downfall in UK.

It highlights the change in consumer’s options for purchasing. How much does it impact on retailers? We’ll delve into how store footfall is not as important as you think.

In the modern retail landscape, successful business should have their presence in both offline and online forms with pos system for retail. The undeniable fact is the decrease in footfall in physical stores. The key to success is not about how many people getting through the door, it’s all about converting people as much as you can. This indicate that every customer is important, and therefore customer expectations must be met, to reach their higher than ever standards.

Strength of stores

This is not to say retailers are in a weak position, the fact is that they are operating from a position of great strength. The reason is due to many customers still preferring to purchase in store, even they have done most of the online research. Researches indicates that even in product category like electronics, home appliances and clothing customers still prefer to purchase in store. In addition, in all the major product categories no consumer said they bought goods from online. This indicates the strength of the physical store.

Every store must have a unique purpose, whether it may be a flagship store, specialist store or just a temporary promotional pop up store. This indicates customer what they can expect, the expectations are set a realistic level. Once the customer expectation has been set, the retailer can tailor each to meet, exceed their expectations in the way they fit.

Give them what they want

Businesses need to identify customer needs and improve their shopping experience. It helps to convert a high percentage of customers entering a retail store. One key area where a huge growth can be observed is Point of Sale systems (POS). It ensures that all key desires are met for customers and also bringing more benefits.

An advanced pos system for retail allows employees to have full product knowledge, in real time at their finger tips. POS system for retail allows staff members and customers to check product stock in real time through integrated automated stock system. It allows to checkout easier with high speed barcode scanners, customer terminals and high speed printers. This improved customers experience exponentially without the hassle or stress of complex alternative solutions.

Mobiles leading the way

It is interestingly, mobile phones playing a lead role in the customer retail experience. Whilst in-store the most common interactions for customers are comparing prices with competitors, researching the product they are looking for and also accessing promotional codes. By helping customers with free Wi-Fi and with a user friendly website and various customer codes, customers will more likely convert and make a purchase. In addition, modern POS fulfills other customer needs, as well as benefiting retailer directly. Customers can be interacted with their mobile phones and can also update their back office systems and ensure current customer data, which helps for future marketing efforts. Customers can even make purchases with their mobile phones, by upgrading or adding extra peripherals to an existing POS system for retail. It provides a complete retail experience for modern customers.

The rise of online stores and internet undoubtedly altered the way customers shop. A fewer customers are visiting retail stores, means the high –street is doomed. As long as retailers identify and subsequently meet the customer needs via POS system for retail, the retailers can essentially convert more customers.

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