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How will Brexit really affect your small business?

With Britain’s exit from the EU set in motion, small business owners around the country are left wondering ‘what next?’

How will Brexit really affect your small business?

Nobody seems to know for sure. On the one hand, we’ve been promised by various politicians that the Brexit will not affect free movement of goods in the EU and that we’ll still have access to the single market. Boris Johnson has even claimed that our relationship with the EU will “intensify.”

On the other hand, after seeing the pound drop to a thirty year low and being left in limbo as to what our next steps are as a country, business owners everywhere are feeling the pressure.

Although many believe that the move away from the EU and the billions we contribute yearly will be a prosperous one, many are also concerned that leaving will see an influx of costly import taxes leading to inflation.

All being said, there’s no need to panic just yet! The UK and EU will continue to trade as usual until we have well and truly ‘brexited,’ but with our relationship and access to trade on the table, who knows what will change and when?


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Claire at WOWPOS
Claire is a WOWPOS Consultant specialising in helping small businesses in the retail and hospitality industry to grow their businesses using EPOS Solutions.

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