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How to promote Valentine’s Day in your restaurant

Do you promote Valentine’s Day in your restaurant? Valentine’s Day is the celebration of romance and in order for your restaurant to succeed, you should show your customers love on the 14th February. Regardless of your type of restaurant, Valentine’s Day will help boost your sales after the tough month of January. On average, consumers spend £5 billion in restaurants on Valentine’s Day. This shows that if you do not promote Valentine’s day, you will miss out on a substantial amount of revenue.

How to promote Valentine’s Day in your restaurant


Do you accept reservations? Remember, Valentine’s Day focuses on couples. This means that it will be vital for you to have a large number of tables that are catered for couples. On Valentine’s Day, you will rarely receive a large group of customers in your restaurant so you should split them up. This will ensure that the couples do not have to wait a long time for a table which will satisfy their needs. The majority of reservations for Valentine’s Day will be in the evening so it is crucial that you spread out the reservations. If you had all of your Valentine’s Day reservations booked in for the same time, there will be no available tables for your regular customers. This will increase the waiting times of your regular customers which may lead to them leaving your restaurant and not returning. Are all of your tables booked? As a restaurateur, your objective will be to fill up every table. However, you should not overbook tables because if one of your reservations turn up late or is sitting at your table for longer than expected, it will disrupt your entire restaurant reservation system. This will lead to customers turning up and having to wait for their table. If your customers have to wait for their reservation, they will become extremely angry and will leave your restaurant.


Are your staff prepared? Valentine’s Day will be extremely busy for your restaurant which means that you will need sufficient staff to serve your customers. Without sufficient staff, faults will develop in your restaurant’s service. This will severely reduce the quality of your customer service. You should ensure that you have an effective method of distributing meals as this will prevent any of your customers from waiting for their meal for a long period of time. Do you have experienced staff? It is recommended for you to ensure that your experienced staff are working on Valentine’s Day. This is because they will have in-depth knowledge of your menu and will have the experience to serve multiple tables simultaneously. Remember, many customers will not have visited your restaurant at first, this means that your experienced staff will be able to upsell your products to your customers. This shows that your experienced staff will be able to boost your sales on Valentine’s Day.

Fixed Menu

Do you have a set menu? It is important to remember that you will receive a high traffic of orders on Valentine’s Day and your kitchen will be overwhelmed with a wide range of orders. Due to the high traffic of orders, mistakes will occur which could lead to your customers receiving the wrong meal. If mistakes regularly happen in your restaurant, it could lead to customers avoiding your restaurant. It is recommended for you to offer a set menu on Valentine’s Day as this will limit the range of meals, your kitchen staff will have to prepare. Your set menu should include a starter, main course and dessert for a set price. If you limit the menu selections, you will be able to serve your customers quicker as you will be able to prepare the meals in advance. This will satisfy your customer’s needs as they will not have to wait long for their meals. If your customers have an enjoyable experience at your restaurant on Valentine’s Day, it will encourage them to become loyal and return to your restaurant.

Stand out from the Crowd

Do you offer a Valentine’s Day promotion? As a restaurateur, it is crucial to understand that the majority of restaurants will be offering Valentine’s Day deals to their customers. In order to lure customers into your restaurant, you must be able to stand out from the rest of your competition by offering a unique deal. For example, you could offer a wine tasting dinner and offer special promotions on your bottles of wine. This will enable you to differentiate from your competitors which will encourage customers to choose your restaurant over your competitors. Offering a unique promotion will enable you to lure a significant number of customers into your restaurant which will allow your sales to increase.

Complimentary Items

Do you offer complimentary items to your customers? On Valentine’s Day, you will receive a substantial number of first time customers. This is why it is important for your customers to have a good first impression of your restaurant. One effective way of doing this is by showing your customers love with complimentary items. For example, when your customers arrive at your restaurant, you should offer them a complimentary glass of champagne. This will encourage new customers to visit your restaurant as they will not want to miss out on the complimentary items. Once your new customers are in your restaurant, you will be able to encourage your customer’s loyalty by providing them with a high-quality experience. This shows that offering a complimentary item can initiate a long-term relationship with your customers.

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