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From working class London beginnings, can Sadiq Khan make changes that work for London?

And what can the new London Mayor bring to the table to help cafes, convenience stores, bars and other small business, so that they can thrive in the capital?

From working class London beginnings, can Sadiq Khan make changes that work for London?

With Sadiq Khan as the new mayor for London what does that mean for small businesses in the capital? Khan has promised, prior to his election, the changes to business rates will not “whack London”.

He stated prior to his election that small businesses were ‘ the lifeblood of London’s economy’. With many of London's small businesses being in the retail or hospitality sector he will need to implement strong policies to ensure these businesses develoup and thrive despite the large corporation swhich dominate the high street.

Writing for City AM earlier this month, Khan set out his stall in relation to small businesses. He wanted to increase the provision of affordable premises, and create a more skilled workforce. He has also stressed the importance of tech to the economy, expressing his plans to make London a tech hub.

We at Wowpos have been championing the power of techonology such as EPOS systems to revolutionise small businesses, drastically reducing time spent on paperwork, reduce waste, increasing productivity and ultimately driving revenue.With packages offering specialised software and accessories for both Retail and Hospitality, we use industry expertise to create the ideal solution for each business.

A week after his election, Khan’s pledges have yet to be fulfilled. However, the campaign has highlighted, among other issues, the cost of running a business in London in industries such as retail and hospitality. Wowpos is a vital tool to get the most out of your business.

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Claire at WOWPOS
Claire is a WOWPOS Consultant specialising in helping small businesses in the retail and hospitality industry to grow their businesses using EPOS Solutions.

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