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Does your restaurant need a social media strategy?

During the rise of social media, a significant percentage of the population have decided to create accounts on social media platforms. If your restaurant invests into a social media strategy, you will be able to connect with a wider audience. Many restaurants have decided to take advantage of the popularity of social media by creating social media accounts. As a restaurateur, it is important to understand that customers will choose restaurants depending on their social media activity. If you do not invest into a social media strategy, you will limit the number of customers who see your promotions which will limit your sales. If you see any of the following signs in your restaurant, it is time for you to introduce a social media strategy.

Does your restaurant need a social media strategy?

Customers are taking pictures of your food

Due to social media platforms, such as Instagram, many customers will take photos of your meals to show them to their friends and followers. Once a customer has posted a picture of your meal, it will enable a significant number of users to see your meal which will lead to them wanting to try your meal. This will encourage a larger number of customers to visit your store. As a restaurateur, it is recommended for you to create an Instagram account for your restaurant as it will enable you to repost the pictures which customers have taken. Posting pictures from customers is an effective way to lure in potential customers as it will show the user that customers have an enjoyable experience in your restaurant. This proves that posting pictures on Instagram will increase the traffic of customers that you receive.

Think you can do it better?

On the internet, there will be a wide range of users posting recipes and blogs. However, not all of them are of a good quality. As a restaurateur, you may think that your recipe is better than the ones you have seen on the internet. If this is the case, you should create your own blog on your restaurant’s website and start posting recipes and articles. Recipes will enable you to display to your customers how much time and effort goes into your meals which will encourage them to purchase your meals. Posting regularly on your blog will allow you to engage with your customers and will lead to them visiting your blog regularly to read your latest material.  If you post regularly on your blog, customers will begin to trust your restaurant which will lead to them becoming loyal and repeat purchasing at your restaurant. A blog will be an effective way to increase the number of users who visit your restaurant’s website which may increase the number of online bookings you receive.

Bad Customer Reviews

Have you received a bad review on Facebook? As a restaurateur, it is important to remember that the customer is always right. When you are dealing with a bad review on social media, you should ensure that you are never rude or argue with the customer as other users will be able to see your replies. If your replies are rude, it will display to the customer that you do not care about them and will deter them from your restaurant. It is important that your social media strategy includes a customer service section where customers can leave their reviews. This will enable you to be able to deal with the bad reviews that you receive. If you do not deal with your complaints, your restaurant will receive a bad reputation which will lead to customers avoiding your restaurant. When you receive a complaint, it is recommended that you provide the customer with a phone number or email address. This will ensure that you resolve the issue privately.


Struggling to lure in customers

Do your competitors receive more customers than you? As a restaurateur, it is vital for you to understand the importance of engaging your customers and providing your customers with promotions. Regardless of your price or quality of your food, you will struggle to attract potential customers if you do not engage with your customers. When you are building your social media strategy, you should focus on attracting new customers. It is recommended for you to promote your offers and host competitions on your social media platforms. This will encourage users to visit your social media pages which will increase your restaurant’s awareness. This shows that a social media strategy will encourage customers to choose your restaurant instead of your competitors which will boost your competitiveness.

Do you have a social media presence?


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