Back Office

Each module can enhance your
system to give you a feature rich EPOS.

Want to know how your products are doing?

Export data so that you can see what products are popular and what products are struggling.

Need to import or export a large number of products?

Import and export your products in the form of spreadsheets or CSVs. Keep your system tidy by categorising your products.

Has your order changed?

Change the quantity of your order using your EPOS.
Keep your kitchen up to date by using kitchen messages.
Keep your customer’s orders separate by using order break.


*Export data

*Import and Export products via spreadsheets or CSVs

*Categorise products

*Change quantity of orders

*Keep customer’s orders separate

*Send information to your kitchen

Are you a busy person?

Check how your business is running from wherever you are at any time. Find out your best selling products and identify the products that are preventing your sales from rocketing. Keep your business stocked up by accessing your stock orders. Visualise your profit and loss. Maximise your profitability by increasing sales and cutting costs.


*Ability to check your business’s performance from anywhere in the world.

*Identify which products are successful and which products are struggling.

*Access stock orders

*Visualise profit/loss

*Maximise profitability

Keep your customers smiling by creating customer accounts to note down special requirements for future visits.

Customer lost their receipt?

Reprint receipt from last transaction. Manage promotions by scheduling promotions for specific groups or individuals. Keep your loyal customers coming back by setting discounted prices for individuals.

Have you got a group of customers asking for something?

Segment customers into groups so that the staff can satisfy their special requirements. Keep record of your customer’s transactions by keeping a record of receipts.


*Note down special requirements in customer accounts

*Reprint receipt from last transaction

*Manage promotions for individual customers

*Segment customers into groups depending on their needs

*Keep record of previous receipts

Keep your employees working hard by using individual accounts to track the sales of each employee. Place restrictions on employee’s account to increase security. Ensure your employees are punctual by monitoring the times they clock in and out of your EPOS system.

Want to know more about your employees?

Your EPOS can update you on the type of contract the employee is on and the salary that they are receiving. Increase the accuracy of your employee’s pay by recording their working hours.


*Individual accounts for employees

*Increase security by placing restrictions on employee’s accounts

*Increase attendance and punctuality by integrating a clock in system

*Holds information about salary and contract type of employees.

*Record working hours to increase accuracy of employee’s wages

Worried that your suppliers will not provide you with the goods required?

Your EPOS will produce purchase orders which will state all of the terms of your delivery. This is a form of contract which ensures that the supplier adheres to all of the terms in the purchase order.

The purchase order will include:

Quantities of products, prices of products, discounts, terms of payment and the date of delivery. This ensures that your business will always be stocked up.


*Produce purchase orders to state requirements of delivery

*Ensures suppliers live up to the requirements they have agreed to

*Ensures orders will be correct and on time

Make sure your supplier is stocking your business up by producing goods received notes. When you receive your order, you will be able to note down all of the supplies that you have received. This will ensure that you are receiving the correct goods and you are not paying for goods that you have not received. Notifies suppliers of any missing goods or incorrect quantities.


*Produce goods received notes from EPOS.

*Note down all supplies that you received

*Ensures deliveries are correct

*Ensures you pay correct amount

*Notifies suppliers of incorrect quantities or missing goods