Add Ons

Each module can enhance your
system to give you a feature rich EPOS.

Take your customer service to the next level by integrating Caller ID.

Caller ID will allow you to know what customer is calling you. When the customer calls, their allocated order will appear on your system. Get your customers food to them before it goes cold! Caller ID will speed up the service of your business. Satisfy your customers by delivering their order at a faster rate.



*Identify what customer is calling you

*Allocated order will appear on screen when they are calling you.

*Speed of service will be increased

*Increased satisfaction of customers


Do you offer a wide range of products?

We will upload your menu for you. As soon as you plug your EPOS in, you will be ready to serve your customers. Categorised menu will allow employees to find products without any hassle. WOWPOS will upload your menu in your preferred layout so that you can increase the rate of your service.



*Menu will be available as soon as you plug in your system.

*Categorised menu will enable employees to locate products easily

*You can choose the layout of your menu


Add gift cards to your product list.

Customers can purchase gift cards via your store for friends and family. Gift cards can be topped with credit via the EPOS. Keep your customers coming back by providing them with redeemable points to spend in your business.



*Customers can purchase gift cards from your store

*Gift cards can be topped up with credit via EPOS

*Increase customer loyalty by proving customers with redeemable points to spend in your store


Connect with your customers ... integrating your website with your EPOS. Allow your sales to rise by enabling customers to purchase products via your website. Attract a larger audience by allowing them to buy products from the comfort of their own home. Increase your profits as WOWPOS will not charge commission. Control your online sales through your EPOS system.



*Increase sales

*Increased customer satisfaction

*Manage online sales through EPOS

*Increase your target audience

*0% commission